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We are following our ancestors 'Trails to the Past' and are looking for volunteers to come along on the journey by hosting state and county projects.  If you are interested in learning more, please email me to get started!


Decided to join us and host a state or county?

If you adopt a state or a county, the web space that you get from Genealogy Village is your website. You have the passwords to the site and you maintain what goes on the site. You own the copyright to any information you add to the site and your submitters own the copyright for whatever they add to the site. Trails to the Past only holds the copyright on what we put on our National pages.


Want to help but do not want to host?

Are you good at graphics, perhaps you love to transcribe and or have a love of photographing gravestones.  Maybe you have some ideas of what you would like to do that is not already being done, like a special project such as census records, ship arrivals, trails heading west, Native American, old newspapers and many historical subjects that can be added like - old postcards, vintage photos, ghost towns, etc....


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Black Sheep Project

Cherokee Strip Live Stock Assoc.

Gravestone Photo Project

1890 Virginia Veterans Census
Russell & Scott Co.'s



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