Do notices of scoundrels, murderers, crooks and shysters bring any value to genealogy?  Should a family historian really care what happened to these people?

I think so.  They were once part of someone's family.  Some of these black sheep had families of their own.

And some of their ancestors are trying to find out what happened to their great-grandpa, 'Cooley Weller,' (my black sheep). 

It matters not whether great uncle Samuel was imprisoned in who-knows-where for x number of years.  The fact remains that he was still part of someone's family.  There is just no changing that.

Newspapers clippings provide data that might bring a clue.  They also sometimes provide the reason for the crime.

So, I invite you to be part of this Trails To The Past Black Sheep project where all our criminals will be 'housed.'  To our utmost, everything will be referenced back to the original source.

If you would like to contribute material, please contact me

All clippings and articles should have the name of the newspaper it came from, along with the date of issue and the page it was on.  If all you have is the article itself, please give as much information as you can with the hopes that we can find out where it came from. 


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As links fill in with volunteers uploading data, I'll underline the state.  The first one being done by a Trails To The Past volunteer is Colorado.  Other states will be done as volunteers step forward to assist.

Won't YOU help?


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