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Gravestone Photo Project


The "Gravestone Photo Project" (or GPP) began in 2003 as a modest single county gravestone photo archive. It has grown to include dozens of independent state projects and millions of searchable gravestone photos from over the United States.

Learn more abut the history of the GPP and how it all started.

18 of these state projects are maintained by members of Trails To The Past, they are as follows:

Alabama Gravestones

California Gravestones

Colorado Gravestones

Illinois Gravestones

Kentucky Gravestones

Maine Gravestones

Maryland Gravestones

Minnesota Gravestones

Mississippi Gravestones

Nebraska Gravestones

New Hampshire Gravestones

New Mexico Gravestones

Oklahoma Gravestones

South Dakota Gravestones

Virginia Gravestones

West Virginia Gravestones

Wisconsin Gravestones

Wyoming Gravestones