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We are looking for volunteers, but we also want to let you know that our volunteers will also help you with your research. If it is not on their state web pages, they will try and find the information if they live near the location. As with others, they do not live in or near the county and are unable to help you, but it never hurts to ask, as someone may know someone who can help. We hope you enjoy Trails to the Past, and come back often.

If you are interested in hosting a state, county, or town, please email the administrator of district you are interested in and send us a resume of your qualifications using FTP and writing HTML along with any sites you might have on the Internet.


If you adopt a state the web space that you get from Rootsweb is your website. You have the passwords to the site and you maintain what goes on the site. You own the copyright to any information you add to the site and your submitters own the copyright for whatever they add to the site. Trails to the Past only holds the copyright on what we put on our National pages.

The National Logo and other acceptable logos are here    

Would you like to help?
  • Do you have any local history books that you would be willing to use for an occasional lookup request?
  • Would you be willing to transcribe local cemeteries or photograph local historical buildings?
  • Do you visit the local library occasionally? If so, would you do a lookup while you are there?
  • Do you have any old  high school yearbooks you could use to index names?
  • Do you have access to some other historical records, such as wills, diaries, census returns, etc. that you would be willing to transcribe?


    If so, email  Gail Meyer-Kilgore the National Administrator for Trails to the Past or Linda Simpson and/or Billie Walsh the Assistant National Administrators


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